“The only thing we can do is ADAPT”

Trusting The Flow Allows You To Grow with Matt Cochran & Constance Lynn

Building a UNIFIED LIFE – both with Nature and others requires GIVING UP how we think things should be. Constance Lynn and Matt Cochran each embody this way of being, as you’ll soon find out. By deeply listening for what wants to happen, they live in tranquility with one another while stewarding pristine Utahn land. Host Shawn Berry and these two highly connected humans deliver poignant reflections on living harmoniously on undeveloped land, using Nature for archetypal insights, and crafting a sustainable vision.


[05:03] Constance’s and Matt’s earliest memories of deep nature connection.

[13:29] The similarities between ecosystems’ ability to heal and our bodies’ immune system. 

[16:32] How dedicated time in nature led Matt to discover his truth.

[26:20] Can land communicate to us through dreams?

[35:35] How the concept of rewilding helped Constance and Matt co-create a vision.

[43:02] “You expect things to happen a certain way, but they don’t. They happen in their own way”

[51:23] How to balance planning while simultaneously allowing flow.

[1:04:01] Why using the lens of Rites of Passage is a helpful tool for navigating life.

[1:09:31] Why nature offers infinite metaphors and examples that can be used to boost understanding.


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