A Self-Mastery & Embodied Leadership Training

Sharpen your leadership skills, embrace the uncomfortable, and develop command of your emotions


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Training Pillars

“Prepare for the storms of life by first facing the storms within!”



In order to survive adversity, we must develop a body capable of withstanding the storms. We will perform the physical repetitions necessary to build a body prepared for any challenge. This includes a variety of martial arts exercises, stillness practices, and other activities to cultivate greater presence and awareness.

“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.”



Leaders are only effective if we’re able to endure the inevitable challenges of a life well-lived. Cultivate your ability to endure hardship and embrace adversity by stepping forward into the crucible and challenging your mental, physical, and emotional resilience.

“The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.”



See yourself in the mirror of the men. Expose your blindspots by sitting in council, giving and receiving the most honest feedback you’ve ever experienced so that when you leave the Dojo, you know who you are.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, then you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”



Unfaced fear becomes doubt, and doubt kills the warrior. Broaden your skill set for taking action through martial arts practices, mental stillness exercises, and empowered action activities

“Cowardice leads to capture. Timidity prevents from advancing”

Quick-Hit testimonials

“Don’t boast about your work – let the results be the proof of your doing.”

“In one word: the past six months in DOJO have been transformative.”

Sandeep Gandhi

Dojo became a catalyst for my self-discovery…inviting me to fight for the man who is ALIVE inside & out!

Daniel Alexander

“There are a rare number of men out there who truly walk the talk & talk the walk. Jeddy Azuma & Phil Gomez are two of those men.”

Ryan Kanoa Kim WIlcox

The Story

None of us are unique. We are all navigating adversity and discomfort that stands between where we are and where we want to be. Many of us have been trained to lean on our intellect when it comes to problem-solving, but this has left us wildly unprepared for real life challenges.

Taking the NEXT big risk in your career. Preparing to commit to a long-term relationship. Becoming a father and leading your family. ALL of these REAL-LIFE challenges (and more) are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid and impossible to prepare for without physical, mental, and emotional practice.

Podcasts, audiobooks, and virtual training can only get you so far in your preparation for adversity. You must BUILD A BODY that can withstand the storms of life, so that you are poised and ready whenever fear and doubt attempt to rob you of your focus and purpose.

But, how…?


The word “Dojo” is Japanese in origin, and translates to “the place of the way”, or in other words, “the place of learning”. Originally created as training spaces designated for many of the Japanese arts, the Dojo has become a metaphorical reference for any space where training and personal development occurs. It is a space of Honor, Impeccability, and shaping of the “Beginner’s Mind”.

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Over 20 combined years of experience in various martial arts, Men’s leadership training, and Personal Development feed into our version of “Dojo”: a place for men to cultivate a quiet mind, capable body, and balanced spirit to endure the rigors of a life well-lived.

How you show up in the “Dojo” is a DIRECT reflection of how you are showing up in your life…whether you know it or not. Most of us are operating blind. Unaware of how we show up and the ineffective patterns that affect our ability to build trust.

In Dojo, you will identify your ineffective patterns and tendencies WHILE equipping yourself with new tools to help you navigate adversity.

Are you ready for Dojo?

We designed this experience to bring value to ANY man, regardless of the circumstances and stakes he’s facing in his life. Whether you are a startup CEO, a hard-working father of 3, or a single man searching for purpose, the Dojo is a unique and valuable opportunity for you.

HOWEVER, only truly committed men will get the full value of this experience. The Dojo is not a hobbyist pit-stop on the personal development train. You WILL be pushed to your limits and challenged to bring more of yourself than you ever thought possible.

In completing this training, you can expect to be more prepared to:
  • NFace off with your own self-doubt
  • NRecover from significant loss and hardship in your life
  • NOvercome financial uncertainty and instability
  • NBreak through low self-confidence
  • NMaintain poise and calm when others are breaking down emotionally
  • NAssert your truth in personal and professional relationships with greater ease
  • NIdentify AND pursue your highest purpose and fulfillment

Voices of Truth

“Don’t boast about your work – let the results be the proof of your doing.”

“Words cannot describe how powerful this experience was. I got to meet some incredible men. I got to be honest and clear about my vision. I got to be pushed to my edge with loving accountability. I was able to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and have men mirror back my blindspots. There’s nowhere else I would recommend to practice embodiment.”

Jose Alejandro

Co-Founder of Modern Renaissance Man

“I said yes to Dojo because I wanted to train my mind, body, and spirit to become more resilient and capable in my life, for myself and those around me.
This time with Jeddy and Phil has helped shape me into the most disciplined and consistent version of myself that I’ve ever been.
The caliber of brothers in the Dojo is unmatched. They’ve inspired me to a new level of excellence in my health, career, and lifestyle pursuits.
If you’re a man who values pushing his limits and supporting others around you in doing the same – you’ll fit right in.”

Rowan Tyne

Founder and CEO of Wayfinders Media

“There’s very few leaders I know that are better at creating and holding a space that allows you to push way past what you think your limits are and feel safe to do so. Jeddy and Phil are the embodiment of that, and Dojo might be the single most important thing I’ve done to learn and experience how resilient I am. You come out of Dojo feeling like nothing is too hard or too big to accomplish, and that feeling and self belief stays in you because everything in the program makes you prove to yourself how far you can go.”

- Aymard Dudok de Wit

Venture Studio CFO

Your trainers

Jeddy Azuma

Founding Father & CEO
With a decade of experience in Men’s Leadership and Empowerment, Jeddy is the founder of The Rising Man Movement. As a Guide, Mentor, and Coach, Jeddy has impacted the lives of thousands of men on a mission to initiate an entire generation of men into power and purpose-driven service. Despite his many roles in men’s work, Jeddy considers his most important jobs to be Father and Husband

Phil Gomez

Founding Father & Lead Guide/Trainer
As a father and devout walker of the Native American path and traditions, Phil has over 10 years of experience in transformational work. From leading men’s teams, serving in Native American Church ceremonies, and 4 years as a Sundancer, Phil is committed to serve the practices & ways of life that have transformed him and many others for the sake of creating a better world with stronger leaders for the next 7 generations.


In JUST 4 days, you will be put through a carefully crafted sequence of rigorous exercises that will challenge the limits of your mental, physical, and emotional fortitude. You will move your body, test your mind, and stretch your emotional capacity in the safest of places – among other men willing to lay it all on the line!


Physical Embodiment & Mastery

A unique blend of martial arts inspired movements combined with functional movement training to explore and expand the capabilities of your body


Resilience Training

The radical exposure to various environmental and circumstantial conditions to reveal how you show up under pressure and respond to adversity



Expose your biggest blindspots when it comes to how you lead, communicate, and take action


Team Building

Sharpen your leadership skills and learn how to operate as a team

We often say that Dojo is the SAFEST place for you to succeed and fail. We create a lock-tight container for you to take risks and push the edges of your comfort by establishing a fully confidential and judgment-free zone for the 4 days we spend together. Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – that is spoken, seen, or heard in the Dojo ever leaves the Dojo.


Every Dojo Graduate leaves with:


Leadership Profile

a thorough review and assessment of the strengths and areas of improvement regarding your leadership presence and performance.  Each participant fills in a Workbook in order to document their leadership awareness (Blindspots & Strengths)


Leadership Embodiment Practices

exercises you can perform daily to continue building a body prepared to lead under any circumstances


Dojo Training Manual

a handbook with leadership distinctions and principles outlined in digestible, easy-to-understand format


Network of Committed Leaders

newly-minted bonds with other men living at a high standard and fighting for their visions

We often say that Dojo is the SAFEST place for you to succeed and fail. We create a lock-tight container for you to take risks and push the edges of your comfort by establishing a fully confidential and judgment-free zone for the 4 days we spend together. Nothing – and we mean NOTHING – that is spoken, seen, or heard in the Dojo ever leaves the Dojo.


Here are the most common questions about Dojo answered.

What is included in the cost for Dojo?

Your registration fee covers the 4-day Dojo training, AS WELL AS your full room and board for the 4 days. Our Kitchen Team provides world-class cuisine to keep you fueled for the weekend, and lodging includes bed, shower, and access to the communal hot tub, sauna, and other amenities. If you would like a more spacious and private accommodation, that is available for an additional price.

How physical do we get in the Dojo?
Physicality is a major component of the Dojo experience, and you should be prepared to move your body multiple times/day for the entire retreat. The activities range from the equivalent of a restorative yoga class to a moderate-level Jiu Jitsu class. We are prepared to modify/adjust to your physical abilities, but if you are concerned about your ability to participate, please reach out to us!
How does this training differ from other “embodiment” courses out there?
We love this question. Though we haven’t experienced ALL of the embodiment courses/training out there, what makes Dojo unique is the blend of practices AND the way we weave teachings and context into each one. By the end of the weekend, you will have received a well-balanced dose of leadership practice and embodiment training that will make ANY challenge you have in life achievable.
Is there any pre-requisite training required to attend Dojo?
At this time, there is NO required training to apply for Dojo. However, this may change in the future as we continue to raise the standard for our experiences.
What do you mean when you say “reveal my blindspots”?
Blindspots are areas where we cannot see how we are performing in our lives. Usually, we are completely unaware and ignorant of these patterns and behaviors that others can easily see. The difference in Dojo: we put these “blindspots” on blast so that you can see them and install a new pattern in your life. By definition, you will be completely unaware of the blindspots you have, which is a major liability.
Failing in front of others is ONE of my biggest fears. Is there a place to hide at Dojo?
We feel the same way. Failing is SUPER uncomfortable, AND…it’s an unavoidable part of life. In Dojo, we create a FULLY CONFIDENTIAL and SAFE environment for you to fall on your face, fumble your words, and look like a HOT MESS while maintaining your dignity. There is NO judgment here. Only learning. But, no hiding. We want to see you with your mask off and watch you level up.

Ready to Level up?