Any dream or goal without
a plan is just a wish.

Learn how to create a bulletproof
plan to accomplish your
greatest ambitions.

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IF we do not initiate our boys into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.


– african proverb

Welcome to the Rising Man Movement.

Our mission is to initiate an entire generation of men into power and purpose.

To create a world in which all men are prepared to lead with integrity,
express themselves authentically, and serve our communities.

The rising man podcast

Men’s teams + programs

The ultimate online men’s work series to ignite your purpose and propel you into freedom.

An international alliance of men’s circles, gathered to become the best men and leaders we can be.

The high level team and training grounds for men ready to breakthrough in their lives.



A rite of passage journey and ceremonial vision fast to clarify your purpose and mission in life.

Warrior workshops to find your voice and unleash your masculine power.

Wilderness immersions for men ready to reconnect with the wild man inside.


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