“Sacrifice is a learned skill, not natural instinct”

Phil Gomez is a rites of passage guide, mens coach, and a devout walker of the Native American path. He’s been in the field of mens work and transformational leadership for the past 10 years with the focus of bringing brotherhood work to men of color. From leading men’s teams to walking the red road, Phil has committed his life to being in service to the practice of rituals and ceremonies that have been a catalyst for a 180 degree turn in his life. Phill is driven by his dream of creating a world where men of color rediscover who they are, where they came from, and how to live a good life. For Phil, everything he does is for the sake of guiding others to become stronger leaders in order to create a better world for the next 7 generations – listen in as he shares his heartfelt message to the men of the world!


[01:24] Phil Gomez shares his spiritual journey and ceremonial path.

[10:42] How sacred ceremony honors the feminine and mothers.

[20:32] Integrating Sundance into everyday life and how to be nurturing as a man.

[30:28] The importance of doing hard things in order to increase our capacity. 

[38:10] Why surrendering to pain is a lot better than resisting.

[43:06] How to get involved in ceremony for those that are interested. 


Learn more about Phill Gomez:

Website || RisingMan.org – Phil leads a “Fatherhood & Family” Community Call on the first Monday of every month @ 6pm CST!

Instagram || @philjgomez

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