“As I took responsibility for my suffering my life got BETTER” 

RMP 253 - The Evolution From Man Child To Dependable Gent with Chris Orozco

Chris Orozco is a shadow integration specialist, mental alchemist mentor, and guide. Overcoming a lifetime of health problems, Chris has developed his own unique style of work and has helped countless others. Chris’s extensive background in shadow integration, Hermeticism, martial arts and western psychology combined in forming a unique approach that is trusted by business owners, athletes, artists and entertainers. His mission is to spread this work as far as possible to unite humanity. In this episode Chris and I discuss what it means to take responsibility for your own suffering, the difference between responsibility and service, and how responsibility can become a burden. How Chris was able to go from an aggressive and angry teen to an emotionally intelligent adult without letting his emotions rob him of his edge is a story you don’t want to miss!


[00:41] Chris Answers the question, “what does it mean to be a man?”.

[04:39] What does it look like when a man takes on too much responsibility? 

[11:08] Lesson of death and near death by Jeddy Azuma

[18:25] Lessons of unfiltered emotion from Jeddy’s kids

[24:50] How do we embrace our emotions without losing our edge?

[31:20] Chris’s thoughts on creating a life’s purpose

[38:45] Holding love and compassion while growing past your current situation


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