“Comradery is possible for EVERY MAN, put in the effort and connection will come”

Team 6 is one of our longest running Fire Circle teams, having been operating since the Rising Man’s start 4 years ago! In this episode this team of 11 share what principles have allowed them to prosper and grow TOGETHER. You’ll learn: Why challenge has ultimately led to greater cohesiveness, how the team encourages leadership from ALL MEMBERS, and why lighthearted + silly moments build deep bonds!


  • [05:09] What has allowed Team 6 to prosper and grow together?
  • [08:42] Is banter and silliness in interstitial moments underappreciated?
  • [14:01] How spending time with men in silence forges a special bond.
  • [18:41] Where conflict created a deeper opportunity for connection within Team 6.
  • [22:22] What were the challenges and gifts in gathering the men IN PERSON?
  • [27:27] What it means to have a LEADERFUL community.
  • [33:11] How letting clarity emerge and reveal itself organically is preferred to forcing.
  • [40:02] How the team’s different personalities contribute to the magic and beauty of brotherhood.
  • [46:32] Why the people who you don’t think you’ll get along with often end up as close friends and teachers.

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