Sharing our raw authentic truth, especially when it comes to sexual topics, often invokes the fear response. Matthew Ayriss reveals the most high priority actions we can take to level up our authentic relating game and connect more deeply with women. Matthew leads men in gaining masculine sexual embodiment and emotional mastery, making him an ideal source of inspiration. We also cover how to safely express heavy emotions, ways to fulfill our most private desires, and why rites of passage journeys matter.

Show Notes:


  • Why is it so difficult to talk about our own sexuality?
  • The relationship between sexuality and rites of passage
  • How social media and technology affects childrens’ sexual development
  • The beauty and purpose of pleasure
  • Why fear arises when we get in touch with our authentic desires
  • How being conscious of your frequency will make you a better listener
  • Tips on having conversations where all people feel heard
  • Why men need to have outlets for expression
  • How to break free of unhealthy comparisons
  • What is the brother wound?
  • How everything you allow into your field affects you one way or another
  • What is a grief ceremony? 
  • Why we need safe spaces to express sadness, rage, or any heavy emotion
  • What’s the first step to achieving emotional mastery?
  • How will a mindful practice help your sex life?
  • Tips on re-programming faulty belief systems
  • Why knowing your triggers is essential

Connect with Matthew:

Instagram | @thehealingmatt

Website | The Pillar – Masculine Sexuality & Emotional Mastery – 3 month group coaching program for men