Sexual Insecurities: Expression Leads To Liberation with Taylor Johnson

“When initiating conversations it might feel awkward as f*** and then you realize it’s actually useful and everyone’s benefitting.” 

Men’s sex coach Taylor Johnson intimately knows the top blockages to masculine sexual liberation and fulfillment. There’s only way that your insecurities, dysfunctions, and inadequacies will linger and keep you frustrated… and that’s if you keep it inside and never take action to learn healthy techniques and principles. Today’s conversation addresses this dynamic, and offers supportive examples of how you can take action to HEAL. We also explore how to achieve sexual mastery, why lasting a long time doesn’t usually lead to good sex, and how a “no” can be the best thing to ever happen. 


  • Do you devote time to deepening your relationship with sexuality?
  • Why sex is integrated into everything we do. 
  • Do you talk about sex in a detailed or authentic manner with other men?
  • How talking about your sexual inadequecies with other men in a safe space can be liberating and healing.
  • Ways to keep the spark alive in a long term relationship.
  • Can non-violent communication principles foster deeper sexual intimacy?
  • Why getting extremely clear and specific on your desire is key.
  • Can a “no” be the best thing that can happen?
  • Are you actively working on your sexual dysfunctions? 
  • What is Taylor’s definition of sexual mastery?
  • How can we prioritize being in our bodies?
  • Can stress impact your ability to maintain an erection?
  • Does society satirize alternative healthy sexual practices? 
  • Why lasting a long time DOES NOT always lead to fulfilling sexual experiences.

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