Pain is part of life, but YOU determine your relationship to it. As an ultra-marathoner, men’s coach and father, Jeff Agostinelli has leveraged pain for EXPLORATION and ENRICHMENT. By leaning into the discomfort, listening to the pain, and persevering past it, Jeff has stepped into a life of excellence and abundance. In this episode, we also cover how to be in right relation to substances, why addictive tendencies can be used positively, and how to separate ourselves from emotions.


  • How running ultra-marathons taught Jeff about masculinity.
  • What information can you learn from watching HOW someone moves their body?
  • What are the most valuable insights from Jeff’s movement practice?
  • Does our pain always mean something profound?
  • How to explore your pain consciously.
  • Is there a way to be in right relationship with alcohol, weed, and other substances?
  • How a 10 day silent meditation retreat CHANGED Jeff’s life forever.
  • “The addict is all the best parts of me.” – Charlie Engle
  • Do you over identify with your emotions?
  • What are the most basic responsibilities that all men share?
  • How can you achieve greatness WITHOUT forcing it?

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