Have you felt let down by trusted institutions? Don’t let this ultra-common experience keep you down, there is always room to take responsibility and level up. Life’s hardest lessons often come with the greatest gifts, as our guest George Kalantzis has learned. From substance abuse, to single fatherhood, to a near death experience, he’s navigated the toughest transitions. We also cover how to have healthy celebrations, why results and process matter equally, and what sets authentic leaders apart.


  • Why true leaders admit when they are wrong.
  • How can we take an honest hard look at ourselves? 
  • What role does a men’s circle have in showing us our blind spots?
  • How a close call with death altered George’s life trajectory.
  • Do our institutions set young men up to fail?
  • Results vs Process – Why they matter equally.
  • What our celebration style says about our health.
  • How getting sober helped George express more openly. 

Connect with George Kalantzis:

Book | “Nowhere To Go: Navigating Tough Transitions” 

Instagram | @_georgekalantzis

Website | TheArtOfToughTransitions.com – writing, poetry