Do you act on your highest excitement in every opportunity? While you might consider that a whimsical way to live, David Lion shares grounded wisdom on practically applying this universal law. By prioritizing freedom and joy, David has found a formula for living his dream reality. He explains his methods and also answers how to tap out of reason and into the resonant flow, why moving backwards can be helpful, and how to realize your vision. 


  • Is magic masculine or feminine?
  • How highly do you prioritize acting on your highest excitement in your everyday life?
  • Can you tune into a place where things are figured out for you?
  • Why a small step backwards can lead to a more aligned path.
  • Why our dreams are not a destination, but a journey.
  • Unprocessed trauma vs unprocessed potential
  • Are you an “inner workaholic”? 
  • What unique gifts are obtained via periods of darkness?

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