“We have everything we need WITHIN to make the right decision”

While making commitments and living with structure might sound limiting, it’s actually the pathway to liberation. Voy Wiacek is a powerhouse men’s coach, facilitator, and leader in the Modern Renaissance Man brotherhood, here to bust common misconceptions about freedom. He also shares why service is foundational to masculine mastery, how self-expression leads to confidence, and how to break out of mental prison.


Connect with Voy Wiacek:

Instagram | @voy_official – follow for more info on an East Coast Rites of Passage Journey happening this Spring!


  • Why is service a key component of masculinity?
  • Is there freedom in structure?
  • Can you be imprisoned by your own mind?
  • Why deeply knowing and loving yourself reduces fear.
  • Is there freedom in healthy practices and habits?
  • Why a belief in possibility is the first step to transform.
  • Can you quickly and clearly articulate what you want in life?
  • Are you willing to take off the mask and join a community?