RMP 195 - Honest Expression Builds Potent Brotherhood with Sean Galla

With nearly 15 years of experience in the men’s work sphere, Sean Galla has witnessed the magic that happens when men gather and share from the heart. No matter his level of success, wealth, or popularity, every man faces the same fundamental challenges and needs support. This universality is why both Sean and The Rising Man Movement are so passionate about enrolling men into circles. Our conversation also explores how to build trust and what unique benefits come with being in a brotherhood.


  • How do team sports increase trust among men?
  • Do successful men need men’s work?
  • Why do all men have the same fundamental issues?
  • How can men’s work leaders better connect with the LGBTQA community?
  • What is somatic experiencing and how did it help Sean?
  • How can we separate our egoic desires from leadership?
  • The difference between making a deep impact and being popular.


Connect with Sean Galla:

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