As a Certified Tantra, Kundalini, and Holistic Health Coach, Stefanie Marco has potent wisdom for any man looking to experience supreme feminine love. Essentially we must own our masculine power with humility – the sexiest quality we can embody. Listen in for Stefanie’s unique perspectives on why confidence is needed to be humble, how to connect with a woman’s heart, and why honest expression is key to connection


  • What is humble leadership and how can men cultivate this quality?
  • How can we meet the needs of the feminine?
  • What is the dark masculine? 
  • How can we lean into the sacredness of sexuality?
  • What specific physical practices lead to more connective sexual experiences?
  • How can we heal from the toxic aspects of pornography?
  • Why expression plays a key role in finding harmonious relations.


Connect with Stefanie Marco:

Website | – Awakened Man Course – coming in November!