“There’s something working thru me for the sake of something outside of me.”

Founder of the Modern Renaissance Man brotherhood and leadership coach, Jose Alejandro, joins us to discuss how to deepen our impact, align with our highest intuition, and live with joy. Men frequently confuse their fears with their heart’s truth, and we share the solution for proper alignment. Jose’s extensive experience leading men into greater intention shines through in today’s inspirational interview.


  • Why the only way to learn more about yourself is by embodying what you already know. 
  • Does truth come from the gut?
  • Why do we subconsciously believe that joy and success can’t co-exist?
  • How to calibrate our awareness to know fear vs. intuition.
  • What led Jose to create his brotherhood, Modern Renaissance Man?
  • What’s the difference between being alone and being isolated?
  • How can we create greater unity within the men’s work community?


Connect with Jose Alejandro:


Website | TheMRMOfficial.com

Instagram | @rjose_alejandro – Find info on his Intentional Impact Program!