As an entrepreneur, veteran, filmmaker and emotional resilience expert, our guest Joshua Wenner thoroughly understands the foundational masculine principles needed for complete self-expression. He shares how to leverage mission, values, and vision to overhaul our unconscious self-sabotaging tendencies. Joshua also answers the questions plaguing men, including how to engage in HEALTHY conflict, why we use bad habits to regulate our nervous systems, and why it’s never too late to take action on your vision.


  • Why a willingness to grow is a sign of an integrated man.
  • How to use the triangle of Mission, Values, and Vision to level up. 
  • What are the principles to experiencing healthy conflict?
  • Can emotions poison relationships?
  • Why vulnerability and authenticity are intimately connected.
  • What are purification practices and how can they change your life?
  • Are addictions a subconscious mechanism to help you regulate your nervous system?
  • How can we leverage community as a growth opportunity?
  • Why it’s never too late to start a new path.



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