RMP 189 - Radical and Sustainable Earth Based Culture Change with Rob Miller

Rites of passage guide and grief work practitioner, Rob Miller, joins us to discuss the immense healing power of ritual and community. From studying ancient ways of being and leading men in meaningful experiences, he is brimming with potent wisdom. We cover the components of the grieving process, the best way to handle failure, and the practical benefits of rites of passage work.


  • Why exactly are male role models vital to masculine development?
  • How knowing that you will occasionally fail assists in growth.
  • What cultural shifts will actually produce meaningful change?
  • How experiencing or witnessing extreme poverty and suffering alters our perception.
  • What’s the role of love in the grieving process?
  • Why togetherness and community are the keys to an impactful rites of passage experience.
  • How a pioneering mindset is useful when entering into men’s work and ritual spaces.
  • Why the simple elements of sitting around a fire speaking openly can be transformative.


Connect with Rob Miller:

Website | CascadiaQuest.org