“Love is why we sit in circles with men and share our vulnerable stories”

As the Head Fire Chief in The Rising Man’s online brotherhood, Ryan Wilcox thoroughly understands the value of men’s circles. He details his ascent into manhood, including how living in a van taught him responsibility and why community is key to growth. Listen in for Ryan’s authentic message for those new to men’s work, the remedy to shame, and the immense potential of vision fasting. 


  • Why did Ryan have a resistance to entering manhood?
  • What is the value of having uncles and other men in the community help raise children?
  • How did living out of a van impact Ryan’s masculine embodiment journey?
  • Can a relationship be a pathway to deeper self love?
  • How to avoid shaming ourselves over aspects of self we dislike.
  • How do tools like breathwork and ice baths intersect with healing?
  • What impact did the Compass vision fast have on Ryan?
  • Why self-discipline is a form of self-love.
  • What is Ryan’s message to men who have never experienced men’s work or a men’s circle?
  • Why relationships need love and attention to bloom.


Connect with Ryan Wilcox:

Instagram | @rywilcox8 – Message to connect in person in Santa Cruz, CA or join the online Fire Circle!