Author, podcaster, and fitness expert, Aaron Alexander is on a mission to inspire others to re-inhabit their bodies and live with confidence. Today, we focus on how to realize your full masculine power and embody your unique expression. Listen in and learn why to focus on improving the lives of others, how to beat shame, and why belonging to a community is crucial.


  • What is relaxed concentration and how can we reach that state?
  • Do people overly-spiritualize themselves to avoid being seen as toxically masculine?
  • The power of finding your own definition of masculinity.
  • Is trolling or putting someone else down just a cry for help?
  • Why repression and shame might help in the short term but will lead to greater destruction.
  • How our biological tribal mind affects us in the modern day.
  • Why intentionally being proactive about joining or creating a tribe is vital.
  • The advantage of focusing on making people’s lives better vs. getting more likes.


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