Cal Callahan, host “The Great Unlearn Podcast”, shares his heartfelt message, calling for us to snap out of the cultural programming and to question everything. When we simply TRY, we awaken to the infinite opportunities available. In this conversation, we talk about why regular honest conversation with other men will change your life, how to stop caring what others think, and why self-love is foundational for high performance.


  • Why unlearning is paramount to becoming an embodied man.
  • The benefits of re-framing mistakes as learning experiences.
  • How to stop caring so much about what others may think.
  • How Cal and Jeddy handle their children acting up.
  • Why having honest, regular conversations with other men is vital.
  • What’s the difference between quitting and surrendering? 
  • Where can men find inspiration and motivation?
  • How can you change your relationship with yourself?


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