A man’s connection to his ancestors is his lighthouse. It gives life a context, purpose, and an everlasting reason for gratitude. In this solo-cast, Jeddy shares how self-actualization is the highest form of service, drawing from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Native American philosophy. In addition, Jeddy leads us in a re-rooting meditation, encourages us to lean into community, and inspires us to give from the heart.



  • Jeddy leads us on a meditation in appreciation of our bodies, ancestors, and spirit.
  • How connecting with our ancestors gives our lives context.
  • Why has this relationship with the past been largely lost? What’s the impact of this severed connection? 
  • What motivates humans to do what they do?
  • How can Maslow’s hierarchy of needs help you understand your desires?
  • Why are self-actualized individuals the key to supportive communities? 
  • How can working on yourself lead to greater levels of service?