“When a man becomes rooted in his heart is when he truly taps into his power.”

Performance coach, yoga teacher, and founder of the Warrior Retreats rites of passage group, Branden Collinsworth explores how to embody warriorhood in the modern world. Branden studied and experienced rites of passage work with the Maasai people in Kenya, learning the ancient secrets of this lion-hunting culture. We cover why initiations are critical to development, how your legacy is determined, and why serving your community is foundational to masculine mastery.



  • How can you deepen your relationship with the warrior archetype?
  • Can you be a warrior without entering into physical combat?
  • Why the heart is the connection between our root and our ascension.
  • What Branden learned about masculinity and community from the Maasai people in Kenya.
  • Why working on your ego alone is not productive.
  • Do we believe that we’ll receive love only when we’re successful?
  • Why your legacy is determined by your actions, not what material possessions you leave behind.

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