“Emotional awareness and noticing what’s going on inside helps me connect to my truth.”

Choosing to breathe deeply and intentionally WILL CHANGE your mental state. Dr. Brian Paris has been studying the mind-body relationship for over twenty years, with experience in both the traditional medical world and the emerging wellness space. He speaks from his deep well of experience as we explore how polyvagal theory can help heal trauma, why physiology over-rules our psychology, and how brotherhood work changes lives.


  • How did Brian create inner emotional awareness?
  • What is polyvagal theory and how does it relate to healing trauma?
  • Do we over-rely on science to inform us of truth?
  • Why does our physiology and breath overrule our psychology?
  • How did Brian benefit from Rising Man programming?
  • What will it take for humanity to band together and overturn corrupt systems?
  • How can we bring breath and awareness practices into our daily lives?

Connect with Dr. Brian Paris:

Instagram | @drbrianparis

Website | DrBrianParis.com