Nine years ago, substance abuse and self isolation ran Zach Carlsen’s life. Through his recovery journey, he learned the skills and mindsets needed for a potent life and now teaches other men the principles. This episode is dedicated to all those struggling with depression, addiction, and any type of discontent. We cover the tried and true practices that can help you through pain – including why there’s medicine in vulnerability, how service leads to joy, and why a single action can change everything.



  • Do we turn to addictions when we feel out of integrity?
  • Why there’s medicine in vulnerability.
  • How the need for safety can manifest by isolating ourselves.
  • Can service replace getting high and escaping?
  • Is labeling ourselves as an addict helpful?
  • How a single action can change your life’s trajectory.
  • What are the first steps you can take to address your addictions?

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