Fully processing our emotions and grief requires complete honesty. With the rise of positive-all-the-time spiritual influencers, Stephen Jenkinson’s message is a heartfelt reminder that reality is preferable to false hope. As an accomplished author, speaker, musician, and storyteller, Stephen’s sage wisdom around understanding death and living with love are ultra important in this chaotic age. We also talk about parenting, cross-generational dialog, and the true meaning of being awakened.



  • Is it guaranteed that life will be better after the pandemic? 
  • Why behavior is the best indicator of our beliefs.
  • How can you employ the understanding of your own mortality?
  • Is it too late for humanity to course correct?
  • Can optimism and hopefulness be taken too far?
  • Why “the times we require that we be faithful as witnesses, not as advocates” – Stephen Jenkinson
  • Why our children are the result of the fullness of our parenting, not just the best moments.
  • How does cross-generational dialog help society function?
  • What is the true meaning of being awakened?

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