RMP 178 - Why Integrity Will Invigorate Your Sex Life with Matt Sinkovitz

“There’s no better drug than integrity.”

Want to embody the most insanely attractive masculine qualities? As you’ll learn from our guest Matt Sinkovitz, it starts with learning accountability with a group of brothers. Matt overcame a deep-seated porn addiction and now helps men find their purpose and COMMIT. We also cover what it means to be a noble man, how to transcend unhealthy habits, and why progress is more important than perfection. 



  • What does it mean to be a more conscious and noble man?
  • Why are so many men hooked on pornography?
  • Why has the joy of dating and courting been largely forgotten?
  • How can a powerful purpose help you overcome addiction?
  • Why a hungry, angry, lonely, and tired person is more likely to turn to bad habits.
  • What’s the difference between easy and simple?
  • Why to prioritize progress over perfection.
  • What are your recent broken commitments and what were the lessons?
  • Is pornography inherently unhealthy?

Connect with Matt Sinkovitz:

Facebook Group | Making Peace With Porn

Email | MakingPeaceWithPorn@gmail.com


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