Silence is killing men, and almost killed our guest Andy Grant many years ago. Now Andy courageously shares his journey with suicide and depression while serving men through his coaching, energy healing, and the Real Men Feel Podcast. Suppressing uncomfortable feelings and walking through life solo is a recipe for disaster. We address this major issue head on and share the perspectives and attitudes needed for emotional wellbeing.



  • Do men suppress their emotions in order to appear more masculine?
  • What are Andy’s takeaways from a traumatic childhood and adolescence? 
  • Can you help people that don’t want help?
  • How can we raise the next generation to have great emotional resiliency?
  • What’s the difference between suicidal thoughts, ideation, and planning?
  • Is psychiatric medication largely experimental?
  • How can we allow emotions to flow harmoniously?
  • Why are men always looking for an exit strategy for their responsibilities?
  • How Andy overcame his depressive tendencies.
  • Why the willingness to be wrong is vital for men.

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