Once a D1 wrestler and digital marketing maven, Jerold Limongelli used yoga, Vipassana meditation, and shamanism to realize his greater purpose. Now, he exists to serve men and change the masculine narrative. Learning self-love and ending his addiction to shame have been game changers for Jerold, and he shares the recipe for masculine excellence. We also cover what benefits men’s teams have to offer, how to enter beast-mode mentality, and why being a tough guy will only take you so far.



  • How can we move from being a taker to being a giver?
  • Why the tough guy persona can be circumstantially helpful but is only part of the equation. 
  • What is the shame spiral and why do men get sucked in?
  • How men’s circles can teach men true accountability.
  • Do we respect ourselves as much as we respect our favorite mentors and influencers?
  • Why paying for a course doesn’t guarantee any results.
  • How does the ten thousand hour rule lead to success?
  • Why everyone wants to be a beast without doing what beasts do.
  • How can we bring balance to masculinity? 

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Instagram | @justjerold and @mvnmovement

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