RMP 175 - Decolonize Masculinity with Amani Will, James Amutabi Connie Haines & Phil Gomez

In a world consumed by greed, coming back into right relations with nature and our ancestors is the only path to healing. We have three powerful guests today, all devoted to transforming the way humanity interacts with the Earth. Colonization’s impact on men is the focus, as we identify solutions to end the self perpetuating cycles of violence. Listen in and learn how to live beyond material terms, why men are fearful of not knowing, and how to deepen your connection to the land.



  • How can we deepen our relationship with our ancestors?
  • Why our degree of connection dictates our level of impact.
  • Do water and land have memory?
  • How can we come into right relation with nature?
  • What does it mean to take action in the name of decolonization?
  • Once we dismantle oppressive structures, what will we build in its place?
  • Can we use the simplicity of nature to re-invent society?
  • What can we do to end the self-perpetuating cycle of violence?
  • How has colonization affected masculinity? 
  • Can we expand our sense of manhood beyond material terms?
  • Why are men so isolated and afraid of not knowing?

Connect with James and Amani:

Website | HoodHippieUniverse.com – Join their Decolonization for Dreamers Course!

Connect with Phil:

Instagram | @philjgomez