As a leadership coach and host of The Successful Male Podcast, Joseph DiRoma understands the need for authentic brotherhood. There’s no way to see all your blind spots without reflections from honest men. Uncomfortable conversations are unavoidable while walking a life of integrity, and Joseph lays down the principles for clear, direct, and embodied communication. We also cover why most of today’s men are soft, how to avoid resentment in relationships, and why your definition of masculine success is the only one that matters.



  • What are the benefits of sitting in deep contemplation?
  • “A successful man leads with the highest integrity, lives a purpose driven life, and has holistic transformation” – Joseph DiRoma
  • Why you can’t reach success until you clearly define it on your own.
  • How small, purposeful actions produce BIG results over time.
  • The importance of having people in your life that lovingly point out your blindspots.
  • What are some tips to opening up uncomfortable conversations?
  • Why we need to incorporate our bodies into communication. 
  • Why Joseph thinks most of today’s men are soft.
  • How clearly defined, well communicated standards and agreements form a relationship.
  • Why to avoid the realm of resentment.
  • What’s the difference between an assertion and an assessment?
  • Why no amount of material possessions or experiences “can fill the hole that only God and self-love can.”

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