Gratitude’s easy when the going’s good, but can you claim it in the face of pain? Business, mindset, and masculinity coach, Damian Nordmann, explains how to use hardship to transform your money story. Using his Thirteen Superhero Success Laws, Damian shares why self-value, authorship, and purpose are the keys to living in abundance. We also cover why avoiding risk leads to greater pain, how to identify your values, and why you can’t receive without giving.



  • What’s the difference between being focused vs. fixated on your purpose?
  • How young men can identify and prioritize their values.
  • What is personal authority and how does it relate to self-authorship?
  • What is the Law of Wealth and Worth?
  • “We look for certainty because that’s where we can rest our comforts and security” – Jeddy
  • The relationship between receiving and giving financial abundance.
  • What are the keys to mastering self value?
  • What role does gratitude and thankfulness play in our capacity to receive wealth?
  • How can you find gratitude in the midst of tremendous pain and challenge?
  • Why befriending your discomfort will lead to growth.
  • Why resisting taking risk can actually bring upon greater pain.
  • What is a Dharmapreneur?

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