“Life becomes more magical when we realize we are a co-creator in it all” – Dr. Brett Jones

Taking full ownership over our lives is one the most masculine decisions we can make. Dr. Brett Jones utilized movement, breathwork, and meditation to turn his life around, and now shares his teachings through his books and chiropractic work. His thorough knowledge of energy and health systems, from both a Western and Eastern perspective, make for a soulful episode.



  • What are the 3 paths of manifestation?
  • Why do we tend to recreate what we know?
  • What is something that you’ve done to get you to this point but no longer serves you?
  • Is pain necessary for growth?
  • How the simple actions of movement, breathwork, and meditation can transform your life.
  • What are the origins of chiropractic medicine?
  • How excess tension will alter our perception.
  • How can we train for peace and presence?
  • What are your symptoms trying to show you?
  • “Behind every emotion, is a need that is either met or unmet” – Dr. Brett Jones
  • How your thoughts, actions, words, intention, and environment all contribute to your current reality.

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