“When presence is there and when there’s no hidden agenda, it allows a woman to RELAX and TRUST.” 

As a marriage therapist and dating coach, Melanie Hersch thoroughly understands what holds men back from dating with confidence. In relationships, establishing trust and safety is crucial. This requires bold honesty, authentic expression, and clear intention. We also cover how to stop attracting the same type of partner, why ghosting is commonplace, and how to break the ice during an awkward date.



  • Why to lead with strength, freedom, safety, and confidence when dating.
  • How can we establish trust with women?
  • Why honestly admitting that you don’t know something is okay as long as there’s confidence that you’ll find the answer.
  • “Why do I keep attracting the same thing?” – How Melanie figured out why her dating life was following the same patterns.
  • How can we practice being more authentic?
  • Is treating dating like applying to a job a healthy approach?
  • Are we preparing ourselves for the relationship of our dreams?
  • Why naming our emotions and authentically expressing them is key to emotional wellbeing. 
  • “A leader is the person in the room most willing to be uncomfortable” – Jeddy
  • How to break the ice if a date is stiff and awkward.
  • Why you can’t be responsible for someone else’s reaction.
  • How does neediness show up and why will it sabotage relational health?
  • The distinction between requests and demands.
  • If you’re not honest upfront, you are just delaying the inevitable, and increasing the size of the heartbreak.

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