In the second part of this interview, Dylan Smith uses his extensive knowledge of the human body and Vedic philosophy to enlighten us on sexual energy. This energy is our sacred, vital life force and it affects far more than our sex lives. He shares how to optimize our digestive fire, why relational health boils down to love vs. lust, and how to respect a woman on her moontime.


Show Notes:

  • Do most cancer cases stem from lifestyle decisions?
  • How to honor the cycles of a woman’s moontime.
  • Why are women typically not allowed into Indigenous ceremonies when they are on their moon?
  • How to balance adherence to ancient scripture with the latest scientific understandings.
  • Does orgasm and ejaculation deplete our vitality?
  • Why a man’s reproductive health impacts his ENTIRE LIFE, not just procreation.
  • How can you optimize your digestive fire?
  • What are the differences between vata, kapha, and pitta body types? 
  • Is there a difference between genital massage and masturbation?
  • What are the rarely talked about side effects of the various popular contraception methods?
  • Why sexual and relational health comes down to love vs. lust.
  • How to utilize the saying that “where attention goes, energy flows.”
  • “In Ayurveda we don’t remove the disease, we bring back the health and the disease dissipates” – Dylan Smith
  • How to re-enliven your memory of perfect health.


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