No one is holding you back except yourself. By prioritizing his ultimate purpose and participating in masculine embodiment practices, Luke Kohen makes an incredible impact on the world. Through his spoken word poetry, music, and stories, he offers transcendent guidance in these tumultuous times. We explore why peace is the warrior’s ultimate goal, how to embody Indigenous values, and why a man’s purpose MUST be his priority.



  • What does it mean to be a steward of light and integrity?
  • Why “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war”.
  • What do you care enough about to take a stand for?
  • How martial arts helped activate Luke’s masculine nature.
  • Why an understanding of peace and resolution is the underpinning of martial arts.
  • How Luke transcended self-hatred and war-driven conditioning.
  • “The recognition and full acknowledgement that we wield the full power to both create and destroy is one of the most sacred things we have to reconcile as men.” – Luke
  • “I don’t trust somebody who hasn’t gotten to know their anger” – Jeddy 
  • How the lack of precise language to expression emotion negatively affects our culture.
  • When was the last time you wrestled another grown man?
  • “The people who can use their voices the most powerfully also are clearly anchored into their bodies” – Jeddy
  • How Luke’s latest spoken word poetry piece “YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS” came to fruition. 
  • Why all people have Indigenous roots, no matter how buried the connection.
  • “We are the ones being invited to clean up the ancestral pain and trauma that has been passed onto us” – Luke.
  • “Make your purpose your number one priority, and everything else will fall into place” – Luke.

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