“Why am I not doing this and what is it going to take?” Growth won’t happen until we unite our boundless imagination with intentional, grounded action. Aria Mae works with conscious leaders to transform their lives and livelihoods, and deeply understands the manifestation process. In this episode, we talk about transforming our relationship to flow, creating a world where all life is honored, and addressing the roots of our blocks.


Show Notes:

  • Do women have an “inner man” ?
  • How to respect and honor those who are transgender, nonbinary, or questioning their gender
  • Why holding an intention for spiritual growth is vital
  • How we can restore the magic of life that was present in our childhood. 
  • Connect your instincts with your logical brain
  • Are we projecting our own sense of success upon our children and friends?
  • Why stepping into our full power requires a degree of masculine & feminine balance
  • Learn to transform your relationship with flow
  • What is a healthy form of shape shifting?
  • “If we can imagine it, we can create it”
  • Why abundance does not equal money
  • How can I enable myself to give my gift?
  • Learn to steward the earth and bring more goodness to the world


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