Choose to be triggered and embrace the possibility of being wrong. It’s the only way we grow! Our guest, Mitch DeArmon, delivers the brutal truth on topics including emotional expression, masculine responsibility, and individual vs. collective service. Earned through age and experience, Mitch’s sage perspective represents the intergenerational wisdom vital for a fully functioning brotherhood. We also cover how to stop letting emotions run your life and how to turn your ideas into actions.


Show Notes:

  • How addiction recovery work led Mitch to men’s work
  • Why challenging and questioning your teachers is better than simply following
  • Why turning ideas into action is such a struggle for men
  • What are appropriate ways that men can express their emotions?
  • Why modern norms have prolonged men’s expectation of responsibility
  • Does praising before achieving negatively affect men?
  • How articulating our emotions can assist us in healthy expression
  • Why every man wants to be of service
  • If you are in unfamiliar territory, ask around because someone has been there
  • Why young men will take more risks but have less wisdom
  • Are emotions generated from judgements?
  • Emotions aren’t inherently good or bad, but we judge them as so
  • How unrestrained, repeated emotional expression ruins credibility 
  • How can younger generations get wisdom from uncles and elders?
  • Why challenging older men, especially around their character, is disrespectful
  • Why toxicity is equally available to all genders and identities, not just the masculine
  • Did the Me Too Movement have unintended negative consequences?
  • Why removing all responsibility from women is actually disempowering
  • Are men as confused as they were in the 70’s?
  • Are you in tune with what you want?
  • The attributes you identify by don’t matter, what do your contributions and actions say?
  • Why a man internalizes a sense of security during constant change and is reliable in chaos
  • Are you serving yourself or the collective?
  • Is there a time and a place for violence?

Connect with Mitch DeArmon:

Website | – Powerful event happening on May 21-23 in Northern CA!