RMP 162 - Your Bold Masculine Desire Will Captivate Her with Madelyn Moon

Creating sexual polarity isn’t complicated. It’s about anchoring clear boundaries, prioritizing presence, and wielding the gifts of the masculine in an authentic, honorable way. Our guest, Madelyn Moon, masterfully articulates how to connect and captivate women without any phoniness. She is a walking permission slip committed to radical truth telling in her top 50 ranked podcast and in her coaching practice. We also cover what it means to sacredly suffocate someone and the dangers of dragging someone along.


Show Notes:

  • What prevents a man from being fully present?
  • Where do people pleasing tendencies originate?
  • Why having full permission to access both feminine and masculine energies is vital to embodied living
  • Does a strong masculine man enable a woman to stay in her feminine?
  • What does it mean to “sacredly suffocate” someone?
  • If you can’t stand up TO her, you can’t stand up FOR her
  • A deep dive into the meaning of polarity
  • Why boundaries are purely masculine energies
  • Why love can never be lost
  • The power of a graceful and authentic “NO”, and the dangers of dragging someone along.
  • Why eye contact is a key indicator of presence 
  • Why the masculine tends to his partner’s wounds and tender spots
  • The delicate balance between processing and being in the moment
  • Why poor manners and lack of respect can be a deal breaker

How to Connect with Madelyn Moon:

Instagram | @madelynmoon

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