What does raw, unadulterated brotherhood look like? You won’t know until you depart your comfort zone and connect with the timeless masculine intelligence. As a key member of the Rising Man leadership team and disciple of ancient and wild ways, Shawn Berry is able to verbalize nature’s teachings and share profound wisdom nuggets. We talk about how the 4 elements can alter your perceptions, the benefits of living with infinite gratitude, and practical steps to living in harmony with the natural world.


Show Notes:

  • How to be in greater connection and awareness to your environment
  • Is more technology better for humanity?
  • What is the first step we can take to tune into nature?
  • What practical benefits can come from living in greater harmony with the natural world?
  • What will it take for humanity to change our ways?
  • Is going to Mars going to solve our problems?
  • Why everything is connected to the 4 elements, and how we can use this knowledge
  • Information, danger, and mentoring – the 3 vital pieces to learning
  • Nature knows – why reinvent what is already there?
  • The benefits of living with eternal and infinite gratitude
  • The value of adventures into the wilderness
  • What does raw, unadulterated brotherhood look like?

Connect with Shawn Berry:

Personal Instagram | @ourfirstnature

Shawn also contributes to the Rising Man Instagram (@risingmanmovement) AND facilitates our programming, mainly the Elements 3 day wilderness immersion course and in the Compass Vision Fast. See links below for details!