RMP 159 - Why Your Flaws Are Hidden Superpowers with Jon Kagan AKA Glass Meadow

All it takes is one simple shift. Then, you can see flaws as opportunities, excuses as irrelevant, and circumstances as stepping stones. Jon Kagan is a rapper, song writer, meditator, and growth seeker here to assist us in this shift. Thanks to a deep love for humanity, a dynamic artistic side, and a strong masculine essence, Jon makes for an enlightening interview. We also talk about embracing your inner villain, setting up systems for self-accountability, and utilizing regret minimization principles.


Show Notes:

  • Why the desire for self realization is paramount to becoming an embodied man
  • Where does sobriety fit into the healing journey?
  • How to turn your flaws into superpowers
  • How to embrace your inner villain and change your relationship with shadow
  • Details into Jon’s system for self accountability
  • The importance of exercising areas of life where we don’t naturally excel. 
  • How to move out of a victim mindset
  • “Love is Action” – Jon Kagan
  • What is regret minimization? Take action on your dreams and live without regret
  • Why the beauty of success is in the journey
  • Financial success is only one small way to feel fulfilled in your mission
  • How to implement the wisdom that “luck is where preparation meets opportunity” 
  • Learning can be daunting, but is ultimately worth it
  • Why knowledge of self is vital to full masculine empowerment and clarity


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