Banishing shame and reclaiming your authority is no easy task, but with the guidance of thought leaders like our guest Lee Hopkins, it becomes achievable. As a social and emotional wellness expert, Lee speaks to the core wounds many of us received in our formative years. We talk about how to dismantle these faulty, guilt ridden belief systems and healthier ways to instill future generations with upstanding moral codes.We also cover how to live from your values and why the unknown will reveal your character.



Show Notes:

  • The importance of imparting strong decision making skills on young people
  • Are emotions inherently feminine? How can men have a better grip on their emotions?
  • What’s the difference between guilt and shame?
  • Why shame is commonly used to instill morals and ethics
  • How subtle messages, including our actions, teach our children more than what we directly tell them
  • Have you retrieved your authority back from those who helped develop you?
  • What are you willing to fight for, to stand for?
  • Why the unknown will reveal your character
  • Are we preparing the next generation to face adversity?
  • Why not being able to fulfill traditional masculine roles of service results in pain
  • What values do you stand for, and how can you bring that to the collective?
  • How to choose between what we should do vs. what we desire


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