RMP 156 - Warrior, Wizard, Lover, Father, Sovereign: Mastering the Masculine Archetypes with Isaac Cotec

Archetypes contain potent universal truths from the foundation of human behavior. To a newcomer, this field can feel overwhelming. That’s why we brought Isaac Cotec onto the podcast – to set the record straight and make the wisdom of the archetypes accessible for all men. Isaac gives an overview of the major five archetypes, explains why working in a group is far superior than studying solo, and makes a compelling case for utilizing this primordial knowledge.



Show Notes:

  • How to use the masculine archetypes to gain mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery
  • A man takes responsibility for the effects of his actions and decisions
  • Why femininity is like the ocean, and masculinity is similar to a boat
  • Why our biological gender is not the determining factor when it comes to sexual polarity
  • How Jung was a pioneer in bringing archetypes into the mainstream conversation
  • What exactly is an archetype? What is the root meaning of the word?
  • If you were to look at your life as an artistic expression, what would the colors and medium be?
  • Why being conscious of our archetypes is empowering
  • Why archetypes are especially helpful to the masculine, logical mind 
  • Warrior, Wizard, Lover, Father, Sovereign – the five archetypes that Isaac works with
  • How do you allow knowledge to move through you?
  • The difference between masculine and feminine nurturing
  • How the archetypes overlap and depend on one another
  • Where can someone start if they are interested in archetypes?
  • Why biological fatherhood has nothing to do with embodying the Father archetype
  • Why working with the archetypes in a group is more potent than doing the work alone


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