RMP 155 - Living Fearlessly Devoted To Your Highest Vision with Corey Sheikh

As our guest, Corey Sheikh, walked the competitive martial arts path, he became captivated by the health and wellness fields. He has since distinguished himself as a grounded leader by assisting others in their awakening journey using meditation, Human Design, and other detox practices. We talk about why living in service to a higher vision is the mark of an embodied man, how entrepreneurship intersects with the spiritual path, and why material progress can’t erase cognitive and emotional patterning.


Show Notes:

  • Why a man lives, acts, and speaks in devotion to his principles and vision
  • God and truth must be experienced by individuals in order to be fully understood
  • What is ontological language and how can we use it to clarify truth from Truth?
  • Overcoming habitual patterns of feeling the need to conform to norms
  • Why no material progress can erase our emotional and cognitive patterning
  • How identity breaks can be a giant growth opportunity
  • Why there are always signs of an oncoming breakdown
  • Empowering others is superior to simply telling them the truth
  • Why the beauty of tribe can only flourish if the individuals have realized themselves
  • How entrepreneurship and spirituality intersected for Corey
  • Tips on navigating the stage of development where one is continually rebellious and contrarian
  • The importance of teaching others to think critically and for themselves
  • Why to follow our natural innate knowledge of what our highest self wants
  • Why certain people will enter your life for either a reason, a season, or a lifetime
  • Why separation in relationships is sometimes necessary to keep pursuing our personal truth
  • Do relationships need to blow up, or can there be an honest parting of ways?
  • What we self identify as will define our lives
  • How recognizing our true eternal nature will help abolish our fear of death and time


How to Connect with Corey Sheikh:


Instagram | @infinitesheikh


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Website | ayp.life