“Failure is only real if you accept it” – Jungle Man Sam

Taking a leap of faith and making huge life changes does not always work out as imagined. In today’s inspirational interview, Jungle Man Sam shares how he turned a challenging life situation into a golden growth opportunity. As a father, musician, storyteller, and leader, he personifies masculine excellence. We also cover how to make simple contextual flips, why to take more risk, and what we can do to earn financial freedom.


Show Notes:

  • The difference between going lone wolf and claiming your own space in the world
  • The intersection of responsibility and accountability
  • Why we need to own and be conscious of our reactions
  • What Jungle Man Sam learned from having big life plans fall apart
  • How the challenges and pressures of fatherhood can be huge lesson in masculine leadership
  • Make the contextual flip – do you see problems or solutions?
  • “Am I going to keep carrying this with me or am I going to do something differently?” – Jeddy
  • Should men be taking more risks?
  • Why challenge is one of the few ways to boost our resourcefulness
  • How an attachment to perfection is rooted in fear and prevents us from taking the leap of faith
  • Why anyone who wants financial freedom thru an online business can reach their goals
  • “There is no obstacle or adversity that can destroy a dream. The only thing that can actually destroy a dream is us not being able to overcome our fears, not being willing to face off with our doubts, not being willing to take a step forward and take a risk.” – Jeddy
  • What is keeping you from believing that you can create what you want?
  • Why mentorship, brotherhood, and community can facilitate your growth in a uniquely personalized and impactful way
  • How the simplicity of authentic expression within a safe container can be wildly transformational
  • Jungle Man Sam’s experience leading songwriting workshops
  • What shifts are possible from story-telling and song writing?


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