Striking the right balance between spending quality time with family and executing on our missions is one of the trickiest parts of manhood. As the host of the Front Row Dads podcast and platform, Jon Vroman uncovers the habits, strategies, and routines that help men win at home and in business. We also cover why to value the process over results, what all new fathers need to hear, and how to design the life of your dreams. Listen in and RISE UP!


Show Notes:

  • Why no amount of books can make up for experience, especially about parenting
  • Is it possible to be a perfect father?
  • What story are you telling yourself about your father? How does that impact the way you show up now?
  • No matter how we parent, mistakes will be made
  • Why love, empathy, and forgiveness can overshadow all our parenting mistakes.
  • “It’s not how much you own, it’s how much you take care of what you own” – Jon Vroman
  • How to navigate between serving the world and spending quality time with your family
  • Does leadership training help you be a better father?
  • Do you want to be a businessman with a family or a family man with a business?
  • How can your partner support you if you aren’t clear on what you want?
  • “The ego is not all bad, you just have to understand how it’s running your life.” – Jon Vroman
  • If you aren’t living the life you want, you probably haven’t designed your surroundings to create that reality
  • Why men feel the urge to hide in their work
  • Why fatherhood and families will play a larger role in transforming the planet than politics
  • The shift from being results oriented to process oriented
  • Simply listening can result in profound connective experiences


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