RMP 151 - Why Radical Authenticity Enables Honest Partnership with Erica Vargas

As men, we have a tendency to hide things from women in order to portray ourselves a certain way. This temporary fix comes at a greater price, as trust erodes and intimacy breaks down. Today’s guest, Erica Vargas, is a love evolution coach and sees men play out this pattern all the time. We talk about how to uphold dating standards, why purpose is fundamental to healthy relationships, and what role faith and alignment play in calling in a partnership.


Show Notes:

  • Erica’s formative role in Jeddy and Kari’s relationship
  • What makes Erica so clear and aware of relationship dynamics?
  • The impact that Alison Armstrong made on Erica and Jeddy
  • Why Erica made a vow to not emasculate men
  • How to move out of judgement and into curiosity
  • Why selfishness destroys so many relationships
  • Does a man need to be living in purpose to sustain a healthy relationship?
  • The importance of being authentic and honest with our partner if we are struggling with purpose
  • Why do so many men ghost women? What is the alternative?
  • How to handle rejection with courage and respect
  • Conscious uncoupling – the standards apply to both long and short term relationships
  • The right mindset needed to have success with online dating
  • Don’t fear deep conversations with someone you’ve only been on a few dates with
  • By aligning with the things that make you happy and having faith, you will meet the right people.
  • Even in the best relationships, things will get messy occasionally
  • What is the most frustrating thing about men?


Connect with Erica Vargas:


Instagram | @ericaovargas

Website | Loveevolutioncoach.com – 1v1 coaching & group coaching program for women

Podcast | In Search of Good Men