As the founder of the Igknight The King platform, Michael Diamond has a constant stream of men coming to him for guidance around purpose and fulfillment. Many of these men have achieved the traditional, societal definition of success but have found the destination hollow. Our current cultural norms neglect many fundamental truths, to the detriment of all. We talk about how to find meaning in the journey, how to bring sacredness to every interaction, and why we must live at the edge of our comfort zone.


Show Notes:

  • A man realizes his life is about more than just himself
  • Why reconnecting to the primal self helps us live from our purpose
  • How the four elements impact our lives on a daily basis
  • Why we are overloaded with information, but deprived of wisdom
  • Why there’s a functional and spiritual element to everything on this plane
  • How to use standards and boundaries as an antidote to people pleasing
  • “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” – Tony Robbins
  • What to do if your life feels repetitive and aimless
  • What our treatment of the elderly tells us about our societal values
  • How to embody fatherhood regardless of whether you have biological children or not
  • Do you give for the feeling of selflessness or do you have other motives?
  • Breaking down “passion” –  Pass- I – On
  • Take a stand against ingrained personal and familial patterns
  • Why living on the edge of your comfort zone is necessary
  • Are all your interactions sacred?
  • Are you making the world around you a better place? 
  • The importance of grit being embedded in the word integrity

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