As the founder of the Rising Woman platform, Sheleana Aiyana has been a way-shower for millions of women. Her daily posts on topics such as conscious relationships, feminine embodiment, and shadow work are wildly insightful and impactful. In this meeting between Rising Man & Woman, we get to the heart of the blockages keeping men and women from divine partnership. We also cover how to overcome societal programming, why we get stuck in polarity, and what men get wrong about women.


Show Notes:

  • How to utilize creative energies within a masculine structure
  • What are the mixed messages being sent from society about femininity and masculinity?
  • Supporting people for who they are vs. supporting an ideology
  • Why there’s no right way to be an integrated man or woman
  • What does it look like to be stuck in one of our primal poles
  • Can we transcend the terms “masculine” and “feminine”?
  • Why did Sheleana start Rising Woman?
  • What are the differences between work within brotherhoods vs sisterhoods?
  • Can a man provide everything for his partner?
  • How to involve the community to support your partnership
  • Examples of practices that can help your relationship 
  • Is a happy ending a realistic outcome for 100% of conflicts?
  • “Ultra independence is a trauma response”  – what does that mean?
  • Re-writing the meaning of success
  • Do men frequently doubt the intuitive gifts of the feminine?

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