There’s an important story that no one in the men’s work community is talking about. Our two guests, Taylor Houchens and James Panther, address taboo topics and express their vulnerable truths in this hugely helpful episode. We identify the areas that are plaguing men – including isolation, suppression, and fear of intimacy. With brotherhood and authentic expression at the core of their message, they personify the values of the Rising Man Movement and offer their valuable insights on masculine embodiment.


Show Notes:

  • The importance of expressing insecurities and unworthiness in a safe container 
  • What does trauma integration work actually look like?
  • How bringing suppressed, distressed aspects of the psyche back to the surface can be healing
  • Why is intimacy between men taboo?
  • How gay and queer men can bring unique wisdom to the brotherhood movement
  • Tips for living in full expression and Truth
  • How established trust leads to lightness and humor
  • Is there value in simply expressing your desires?
  • Why it’s common for men to silently question their sexuality
  • How to handle a situation where your consent is violated
  • What are the principles that guide heart-based communities?
  • How does boy psychology affect our intimate lives?
  • How a failure to communicate and express ourselves leads to misrepresentations and misunderstandings
  • Why do we suppress our truth if we mentally know that expression is important?
  • What we can do to assist oppressed peoples
  • How to heal from our shame wounds
  • What is a victim’s mindset and how to evolve out of it

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