Serving the world is only possible for men living in their purpose. Through Phil Gomez’s work facilitating and serving the Rising Man community, he understands how to lead men into deeper purpose. As a keen walker of The Red Road, Phil has developed limitless respect and appreciation for Native principles. He shares from his wealth of knowledge and offers guidance in healing from trauma, connecting to our ancestral roots, and decolonizing our minds.


Show Notes:

  • How a morning ritual can fuel a successful day
  • How the recent protests and movement towards racial justice have affected Phil
  • What is decolonization, and how does it impact us all?
  • Why our ancestral connections are commonly forgotten, and what we can do about it
  • The importance of sustainability and living in harmony with Earth’s natural systems
  • How to fight the good fight without becoming mired in victim mindset
  • What role does personal responsibility play in decolonization?
  • How healed emotions and traumas can change the world
  • Do we have full control over our emotions?
  • How to experience emotions, without completely letting them take over
  • What are my morals and values?
  • How to implement the hero’s journey into your growth process
  • “You can never create a purpose without knowing your true self” – Phil Gomez
  • How am I going to make money vs. How am I going to be helpful
  • Why we should be aware of what energies are creating our thoughts
  • What can we do when someone challenges our moral code?
  • What is the first step we can take if this conversation resonates?

Connect with Phil:

Instagram | @philjgomez – DM to start the conversation. Phil does 1on1 coaching, and is launching a group coaching program later this month!


Phil also leads and facilitates in the Rising Man Inferno Circles and in the Compass program – info for each below.